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New Mount: Sandbox Mount

Wow! There is a new movement in World of Warcraft again! Yeah, a new mount will come forth to our attention soon. Perculia has tweeted today that a new vendor's WoW items will be added to the site. When this twitter was put out, it did drive all WoW insider's attention and hope it's true.
The new mount named sandbox mount seems like to be the Darkmoon Carousel but we can't make it sure. And it took in half a minutee to place the vendor, Gelvas Grimegate, quite close to Darkmoon Carousel. But once we did, he had a huge array of sandbox mounts to sell, for only one Darkmoon Prize token for ten charges. What's the catch? With a deal as good as that, there's always a catch. And this is no exception. Sandbox mounts don't move, they are stuck to the ground by their springy stands, and simply undulate gently back and forth. What's more, that one Darkmoon Prize Token only buys you ten charges, but you can carry as many sets of those ten-charge items as you see fit. So you can only summon this incredibly entertaining wooden murloc ten times per purchase, and the same applies for the rest, of which there are many!
So come on and go for it. Giddy up! Giddy up!


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