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Complaint: Too Many Keystrokes for Hunters

"Hey, hunters! How do you deal with that cockamamie buttons?" Recently I've read a hunter who thinks removing minimum range made the game no longer playable. Some is strongly agree with and the other is against with that. So what should we do then?

That is too simplistic. Most of the buttons are viably necessary and timing sensitive, making it inconvenient to try and hunt for buttons on the screen every time. The idea that an extra button must do more damage is not true. It must do more damage in a certain situation. Now if they would just add a boring new shot, let’s say, arcane shot2 you’d be 100% right. But fortunately they didn't do that. In many cases you actually have to choose when to use an ability. E.g. barrage may be very good in movement heavy targets with many adds, but not in patchwork style. Now you are right that in some cases it is as simple as you state, but not in all fights or in all phases, and not perse. I am willing to give you though that in some talents Blizzard perhaps did not succeed optimally in making it a utility shot. All PvE hunters choosing glaive is an example.

The 4th talent row is IMHO a much better worked out row. Also I do think that the balancing of shots would have occurred anyway thanks to our friends in PvP. The days of one shot being very powerful is gone, simply because a few cooldowns and a lucky crit could make a PvP fight end too soon. In fact the biggest issue in PvP right now, with pretty much all classes and specs, is in those situations where they did not balance enough. E.g. the stampede arena bug, but also the mages-one-shot issue.

But do not get worried about that issue, I think there are some solutions made by Blizz soon.


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